Learning Data Modeling Video Course

My video course — Learning Data Modeling — can teach you how to build data models.

  • To build most applications, you must first build the database.
  • To build the database, you must first have a conceptual vision.
  • This vision is called a data model.

The course covers the full lifecycle of creating a database. We start with preparing a
data model for the business requirements. Then we take the data model of requirements and
use it to prepare a database design. The database design becomes the basis for building
the actual database.

We use two notations in the course, the UML and IE. You can leverage prior UML understanding to learn about IE. You can leverage prior IE understanding to learn about the UML. If you are unfamiliar with both notations, that’s fine — you’ll learn about them in the course.

The course has hands-on examples and tips for four products — Enterprise Architect, ERwin, SQL Server, and MS-Access. Numerous working files document the progress in ultimately preparing code for a case study.

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