Free Video Course: Advanced SQL Queries – Subtleties of Joins

Do you use SQL as part of your work? If so, would you like to use it with greater proficiency?

Check out my new free video course on Udemy — Advanced SQL Queries – Subtleties of Joins. In this course we study different ways of phrasing database joins and their trade-offs.

Joins can be computationally expensive, so it’s important to express them properly. Furthermore, a misstated query can yield a wrong result, Correct use of joins makes your SQL code more readable and understandable. This is especially important for lengthy and complex queries.

Specifically, this course covers the following:

  • Join vs. Where. There are guidelines for placing logic in joins vs. where clauses.
  • Join filtering. Outer joins necessitate that some data filters be in joins rather than in where clauses.
  • Joins vs. Nested SQL. Queries with nested SQL can sometimes be restated to use joins instead.

This course is the first in a series of courses about advanced SQL. We will be preparing additional advanced SQL courses in 2017.

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