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An arrow as a metaphor for referential integrity

Do Use Referential Integrity

picture by Rudolf Vicek via Flickr

Generally the most pressing problems for software development concern quality, time to market, and cost. If you define referential integrity (RI) in your software you can improve all three of these items. RI improves quality by ensuring that data references truly exist and cannot be dangling. RI also reduces development time and lowers cost as it takes much less effort to define RI than to program the equivalent application code.

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A physical filing cabinet

SQL Is More than Just Store and Retrieve

picture by shinichi via Flickr

I often work with programmers to build applications. It never ceases to amaze me that many programmers look at SQL as a store and retrieve mechanism and see nothing more. Their approach is to write programming code for all their logic. It’s not just a matter of programmers being unable to write complex SQL. It’s also a matter of them not imagining what is possible.

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