Information System Due Diligence

If you are doing M&A it behooves you to understand the other party’s systems (as well as your own systems). This is part of business due diligence. Will systems from different organizations work together? Which systems are useful software? Which systems are obsolete? Which systems do you keep? Which systems do you discard? And how do you combine the data for the two organizations? Applications come and go but data endures. Data is the crown jewel of most organizations.

We use database reverse engineering techniques to reach into the databases of software, see their strengths and weaknesses, and understand their technology, structure, content, and scope. All too often, business plans falter because of difficulties with integrating the supporting information systems. Database reverse engineering can help this situation. With a modest amount of effort you can learn a great deal about software, see if there are incompatible data structures, or deep errors before committing to the terms of acquisition. You can prepare a better integration plan.